Happy 23 month’s anniversary My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee!

I hope you were with us last night, I had your candles on and missing you so very much! I’m always looking for signs from you baby. I’m always thinking about you and can’t wait until I can be with you for eternity!

I love you always and forever my little Snicker Snackers!


I was so excited to see the notification of new followers today for your website baby!

I promise to spend more time with your website as soon as possible baby!

You are and always will be Y ONE AND ONLY ANGEL CAT GRAZEE!

I love you so much Baby! Always and forever! My little Snicker Snackers! Let’s Snuggles and Wuggles!

Thank you My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee!

Every time I ask you for a sign from you to let me know you’re with me still you do and like today you really topped it!

At first I thought it was just the floor of the store being uneven when it started rolling by itself! Then every isle it started rolling by itself and then with my minds eye I could see you! I am learning how to use it more and more thanks to you baby!

I love you so much and I really needed that so badly today and you came through sweetheart, my little Snicker Snackers!

Two years ago baby! I love you so much baby and miss you! I know you are okay and here with Mit Mit and me, I feel you and see the signs that you give me. Thank you especially for being so clever and finding a way to come and show me that you are okay now and for me not to be sad! My One And Only Angel Cat, My One And Only Grazee The Cat! My little snicker snacker! Always and forever !

Thank you Grazee for always sending me signs that you are still with me!

My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee sent me a pigeon this morning to let me know she’s still with me and hears me when I ask her to give me a sign!

I love you always and forever!

On the 3rd of every month I celebrate Grazee’s transition to the afterlife and her new spirit form! On July 3rd 2019 she appeared to me and told me not to be sad and she said:” don’t be sad Uncle Don look what I can do!” And she did several backwards somersaults and I was grieving so bad but she made me start laughing when she did them. I am so lucky that she was so clever and found away to visit me! We have such a strong and special love bond and I can’t wait to see her and join her for eternity! My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee I love you always and forever!

This is a link to my short introduction and bio to Grazee’s Website https://saveyourpetslives.com

For more information on how to help SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES please visit Susan Thixton’s Website http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com