Happy Birthday to me!

I know that you are still with me Grazee but I wish you would give me another one of your awesome signs!

Pretty soon we’ll be in our own place where I can set all of our stuff up your memorabilia etc. I’ll be able to work harder than ever on your website and spreading the word about how the FDA is not enforcing the use of illegal ingredients by pet food industries!

I love you always and forever my little Snicker Snackers!


I was so excited to see the notification of new followers today for your website baby!

I promise to spend more time with your website as soon as possible baby!

You are and always will be Y ONE AND ONLY ANGEL CAT GRAZEE!

I love you so much Baby! Always and forever! My little Snicker Snackers! Let’s Snuggles and Wuggles!

Response From U.S. Senator Kamala Harris now Elect Vice President Of The United States!

She’s responded twice to my messages about my concerns for our pets and the FDA not enforcing the use of illegal which are poisonous ingredients by pet food industries! Let us see if she is really a advocate for animals!

This is a link to my short introduction and bio to Grazee’s Website https://saveyourpetslives.com

For more information on how to help SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES please visit Susan Thixton’s Website http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com