On May 3rd 2019 My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee passed away from a direct cause of the FDA not enforcing the use of illegal ingredients which are poisonous ingredients by pet food industries!

I promised her when I had to say goodbye to her that I would do everything and anything to stop the FDA and Pet Food Industries from poisoning other pets. I also told her that I would educate other pet owners and animal lovers about this so that nobody would have to go through what she did and myself!

I didn’t know about this until it was too late for Grazee. I had know idea that in America our government would do such horrible things to our little fur babies! My Veterinarian told me about Susan Thixtons website: truthaboutpetfood.com and that is how I learned how to fight back by following Susan’s directions on who to contact and what to say. She also has all the recalled Pet Foods and all the latest news on our fight to SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES!

Please join us in the fight to help and save our precious babies!

Out of all the letters and messages I have sent out to our government officials etc. On this only two responded!

My name is Don Naffziger Non-Profit Pet Food Safety Advocate!

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