My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee’s Website: SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES!

About me

On May 3rd 2019 my love ofmy life, my baby Grazee passed away from the FDA not enforcing the use of illegal ingredients which are poisonous ingredients by pet food industries.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do besides watching her starve until she finally collapsed on night and I had to rush her to the emergency animal hospital. I had to say goodbye to her but I promised her that I would do anything and everything to stop the FDA and pet food industries from poisoning other pets. That I would also educate other animal lovers and pet owners about what they are doing and what horrible ingredients they are including and not telling or including on their pet food labels. I had no idea until it was to late!

Our Veternarian told me and provided me with Susan Thixton’s website information:, please go to it to learn how to help!

I’m now a Pet Food Safety Advocate Owner and Author of My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee’s website; SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES.COM

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with posting information on here but we became homeless during the pandemic and we recently found a home.

My soul purpose is to give you information about what you can do to help stop the FDA and make them enforce the laws that were created and put in place to protect our precious babies! Thank you for reading this and following Grazee’s website!