I’m so so sorry I’ve been busy but I’m going to set at least 1 day a week for Grazee’s website!

Oh Grazee I miss you so very much and I hope you will give me a big sign to let me know you’re still here with MIT MIT and me. I’m going to try Tuesdays for sure to dedicate my whole day for you and your website and for Truthinpetfood.com!

Please anyone who visits Grazee’s website and sees our blogs visit truthaboutpetfood.com and learn about how the FDA is allowing pet food industries to include poisonous ingredients in their pet food products! And what you can do to help stop them. Thank you! Meow!

Oh Grazee, I came across some pictures of you before you transitioned!

I am so sorry that we let you get so weak and sick before we let you transition. I feel so bad and angry at myself.

Thank you so much for finding a way to visit me and tell me that you were okay baby! You are and always will be My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee, my little Snicker Snackers! I love you always and forever and you better be there when I cross over the rainbow bridge!