Create Post Happy Birthday Mom! Mit Mit,Grazee and I wish you many many more! I’m just so sorry your supposed Christian family members lied and removed me from your life after all of my hard work and caring for you when they stood by and did nothing to help you or myself! You know it actually is a blessing because Mit Mit and myself are doing excellent and I know after all of Grandma Me Me’s teachings when I was growing up Loren especially will be held accountable because of his supposed leadership position and false teachings! Loren and Paula are hypocrites period! I am close now with other animal lovers and animal welfare and safety advocates including now The Vice President Of The United States 🇺🇸 Of America Kamala Harris! See attached! I’m now an Official Pet Food Safety Advocate and member of the San Diego Humane Society and working with them. I’m also currently enrolled in Animal Behavior College and was able to get funding by D.O.R.! As Grandma Me Me would say eat plenty of ice cream! Mit Mit is doing great and has been such a great trooper through all of this experience of first becoming homeless because of the lies created by my former family members starting with Cheryl Ann Lewis, Loren Benjamin Naffziger, Paula Naffziger, Jessica Alverado and her husband ( blank)! Great things financially and spirituality happening to us since October 30th

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