Thank you Grazee for always sending me signs that you are still with me!

My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee sent me a pigeon this morning to let me know she’s still with me and hears me when I ask her to give me a sign!

I love you always and forever!

On the 3rd of every month I celebrate Grazee’s transition to the afterlife and her new spirit form! On July 3rd 2019 she appeared to me and told me not to be sad and she said:” don’t be sad Uncle Don look what I can do!” And she did several backwards somersaults and I was grieving so bad but she made me start laughing when she did them. I am so lucky that she was so clever and found away to visit me! We have such a strong and special love bond and I can’t wait to see her and join her for eternity! My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee I love you always and forever!

This is how I feel about you My One And Only Angel Cat GRAZEE!

I just found out about this band The Corrs and heard them and felt them play and sing Breathless; My One And Only Angel Cat GRAZEE this song expresses my love for you perfectly!


Response From U.S. Senator Kamala Harris now Elect Vice President Of The United States!

She’s responded twice to my messages about my concerns for our pets and the FDA not enforcing the use of illegal which are poisonous ingredients by pet food industries! Let us see if she is really a advocate for animals!

This is a link to my short introduction and bio to Grazee’s Website

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