I know some people probably think I am crazy but I’m the only person that knows what really happened July 3rd!

I believe in having such a strong love bond with another spirit that if they really know that you need to hear from them after they pass on to the next plain or life they will find a way like my Angel Cat Grazee did. She talked to me telepathically and she’s amazing. She was a little floating orb (energy ball of light) that was beautiful and she kept telling me not to be sad and then she said to me:”Uncle Don, look what I can do!” I was crying and she flipped backwards and did a backwards somersault and it made me laugh. Then I started crying again and she did another backwards somersault and everytime I would start to cry she would say “:Uncle Don, look what I can do!” After a few times she had me laughing so hard. She spent a few hours with me that night. I love you Grazee!

She’s My One And Only Angel Cat Grazee!

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