This is really awesome and I hope I can train my way of thinking! I believe in spirits and that we go to a different and higher spirit life force! I witnessed it first hand two months to the from when my baby passed away! Later you can read about the most beautiful experience of hope and love from my baby letting me know that she was okay and for me not to be sad, she even showed me some amazing things she can do now.

A foundation which maybe realised in our spiritual development is losing what appears to be …
The fear of death.

Once we understand that it is only the body that dies.
The body’s death may not hold fear for us because we have already, through practice, thought and word.
Disassociated our being, presence or soul, from the body.
Just like when we fall asleep at night.

Notice there I said, from the body and not from my body.

So whenever a thought or word appears within the mind’s eye.
Make a conscious striving of referring to the body or body part in the third person.

This difference may appear small and inconsequential but this disassociation from the body or parts of the body.
Both in thought and word is an important reinforcement of our new found non attachment.

As well as going within daily, this discipline of pondering the body in the third person allows our being, presence or soul to essentially remain separate from bodily association or the place where we reside in this lifetime.

With many passing moments.
The use of the third person when considering matters of the body, will allow us to be free of the bondage of the looming fear of death.

This non association may also go along way in aiding our ability to appreciate the happiness within each and every moment.

words by Rob Morton

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